Advanced Reproductive Services

Progesterone testing

We offer in house progesterone testing to check when your bitch is ready to be mated or ready to give birth. Results are available in 15 minutes.


Semen analysis

We offer semen collection and analysis to check your dog’s fertility. The motility, sperm numbers and percentage of abnormal sperm are analysed.


Artificial Insemination

We can perform artificial insemination. We perform both ‘Side-by-side’ fresh intra-vaginal insemination with a Mavic catheter, and also Trans cervical insemination (TCI). TCI involves the use of a ridged endoscope to insert the semen directly into the bitch’s uterus. This procedure is well tolerated by bitches when they are ready to be mated.

All AI procedures include semen assessment and use of semen extenders where appropriate.

Pregnancy Management.

Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination an be performed on your bitch to check if she is in pup from around 26 days after mating. This quick procedure can be done in the consultation room, and is very well tolerated by most dogs.

We also use ultrasound examination to check pup viability is there are any concerns about the pregnancy, and to verify pup maturity prior to elective caesarian section.

Pregnancy X-ray

Pregnancy xrays are taken to give a count of the number of puppies expected. It is not always 100% accurate, but will give reassurance and confidence to know, when a bitch has finished whelping.

Caesarian section.

Our team at phoenix are extremely experienced with caesarian sections, whether they be elective or emergency procedures. Due to our careful selection of anaesthesia and use of oxygen incubators, we have an extremely high puppy survival rate.