Routine Surgery

At Phoenix Animal Wellness we offer all routine surgeries such as desexings, lump removals, stitch ups, and exploratory abdominal surgeries to name a few.

When your pet comes in for any surgery, they will be given a full health check and we recommend pre-anaesthetic blood screening which can give us in depth information about any problems that need to be given special consideration before a general anaesthetic.

All surgical patients get to stay in our lovely new kennels where patient comfort is a priority.

During the surgery your pet will be monitored by a nurse dedicated to the anaesthesia of your pet using heart, respiratory and blood pressure monitors.

Once the surgery is complete the monitoring nurse will stay with your pet until they have come round from the anaesthetic and are settled in their kennel.

Annie has studied pain relief as part of her certificate in general practice and so we have instigated comprehensive, combination, pain relief designed specifically for the individual patient.

Specialist Surgery

We are always increasing the range of specialist surgery that we perform at Phoenix. We offer:

-Ocular surgery such as cherry eye correction, entropion surgery and now we are offering corneal grafting and the use of dog and cat contact lenses.

-Soft tissues surgeries such as anal gland removal, Total ear canal ablation (TECA), Corkscrew tail correction, dermoid cyst removal and ectopic ureter correction.

 See our separate pages for orthopaedics and BOAS surgeries.

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