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Routine Dental Treatment

Dog and cat dentistry has developed rapidly in the last few years, with dental disease being identified and treated much earlier than previously. We now know the huge benefits this brings to our pets and there are many products and foods on the markets to help us care for our pets dental health.

Once your pet is an adult, depending on the breed and their mouth conformation they may require regular dental treatment, we know that regular scaling and polishing of teeth prevents tooth decay and extractions.

We offer free nurse dental checks for your pet all the time.

Rabbit and Guinae Pig Dentistry

We also have all the equipment available to attend to problems with rabbit and guinae pig teeth. These little pets often get issues with overgrown and sharp molars, in order to access the back of their mouth you need special tools to open the mouth and protect the cheeks so that you can gently rasp down the problem areas.

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